Learn to defend yourself while you improve your coordination, learn new skills, get in shape, and make new friends.

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For Adults

Do you live alone or feel unsafe when walking about at night? Do you want to improve your coordination, strength and fitness? Do you want to challenge yourself and learn something new?

Robitaille's Academy of Martial Arts might be just what you're looking for! Our teachers offer unsurpased technical expertise, and combine ancient martial arts knowledge with modern mixed martial arts techniques. We offer a stimulating environment for you to learn and grow and achieve your full potential!

For Children

Give your child the confidence and skills needed to grow and feel safe even in the most confusing and difficult situations.

Martial arts goes beyond physical training; it is also about learning, discipline, personal growth, as well as mental strength and balance.

Our instructors provide a safe and friendly atmosphere, your child is sure to enjoy! Inquire about our junior classes now!

Martial arts for all ages and tastes

The style of Karate taught at Robitaille’s Academy of Martial arts is GoJu Ryu which stands for Hard-Soft style. GoJu Ryu combines harder striking techniques such as punches and kicks, with softer circular techniques for blocking and controlling opponents. GoJu Ryu was founded by Chojun Miyagi in Okinawa, and was the first style of karate to be officially recognized by Dai Nippon Butoku Kai i...

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The style of Ju-Jitsu that we teach is through the world Ju-Jitsu Federation. This Federation is one of the largest international Ju-Jitsu Federations in the world. Ju-Jitsu when translated means the “gentle way.” Gentle, meaning that the defender diverts the attackers energy back to the attacker, therefore losing no energy of his own. Ju-Jitsu focuses on take down techniques such as swe...

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Tai Chi is a martial art which means “Ultimate Energy.” Through proper positive focus and breathing, an ultimate positive level of energy can be reached. While in this positive state much healing of the mind, body, and spirit can take place. The Yang style of Tai Chi that we teach has a full set of 108 movements. By practicing this set, students improve their aerobic health through moving w...

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Here at Robitaille's Academy of Martial Arts, we have had many instructors help us in creating an amazing weapon system. Sensei Richard Kim:  He has been a huge influence in our maintaining tradition in our system.  His immense knowledge in the technical as well as the practical applications of each weapon was second to none. Sensei Tom Sharky:  A high ranking police officer in Toronto w...

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Private Lessons I believe is essential in every martial arts club. Whether it is for a student that needs extra help to get ready for a grading/testing, or a student having difficulty understand a technique or form/kata. But a lot of times there is a student that requires special attention or has special needs that they wouldn't be able to get in a regular class. We have many students tha...

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